Sunday, June 18, 2017

20170618 Let's no-longer have holidays - everyday is a workday!

Maybe the real problem isn't penalty rates. Maybe the real problem is our concept of weekends and public holidays. Let's no-longer have holidays - everyday is a workday! Schedule the sporting events for Monday morning at 09:00, remove all the restrictions on retail opening hours, and hold parliament question time on Sunday. We still have until 2020 to raise a talented cohort of engineers to run our power stations and transport systems during the weekend for the same $/hr as their weekday colleagues. If you want to play in a sporting team, simply take the day off - all the players on both teams will have no problem because an employer will simply hire another person to take your place! No bank holidays - everyday is a workday. No ANZAC day - everyday is a workday. Same $/hr = same attitude. Our great nation's new Orwellian motto "Everyday is a work day! "

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